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" Should I kill someone...? I mean... I kinda just met these people but is it worth it...? " Edit

Enoxe Ibuki is the protagonist of the Underground Subway Killing Game, before particapaiting in the killing game he lived as a SHSL student.

He has the title Ultimate Janitor ("Super High School Level Janitor"), he claims during chapter 2 that hes a dropout whom comes from a somewhat poor family and that he earned a lot of money doing janitor work, the money was later then used to buy gaming software.

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Creation and Development Edit

  • Enoxe Ibuki shares his last name with "Ibuki Mioda"'s first name. Its unclear if the characters are related to each other but because of Enoxe's attire we could probably assume he's a fan of her as she's the Ultimate Musician. He probably changed his last name to "Ibuki" and change his appearance to be similiar to Ibuki to honor her.
  • The creator of the character known as "Enoxe" is also a big fan of Ibuki and was probably heavily inspired when creating and developing the character.

Appearance Edit

(NOTE: Enoxe has had multiple appearance changes throughout the series, because of this only the latest design of the character will be displayed)

Enoxe has somewhat pale skin, blue eyes and medium long blonde hair with purple/blueish bangs. His most noticable feature is his green apron (its unknown what its made of but its probably rubber) and his black shades with red lenses. Under his green apron he wears a white shirt with a gray t-shirt under it, the arms of the shirt stops almost down to his elbows. His arms are full of red, blue and black bracelets. He wears black jeans which makes his black shoes somewhat unnoticable.

Personality Edit

Enoxe has a very energetic personality, he is very humorous at times. He does very random things out of boredom.

Enoxe is very loud and is very out going even to a point he knocks Spike's door really loudly looking for him during chapter 2.

He can also be sexual as hell at times and breaks the 4th wall.

Enoxe is shown concerned for his fellow classmates all thought wouldn't resist putting one of them down as seen in chapter 1. He shows to have short term memory and trouble staying still.

Talent Edit

  • Gaming: Enoxe has been shown to be knowledgable about gaming, this skill was used and show during Chapter 2 which he uses it to clear the game which was given out as a motive.
  • Janitoring: Enoxe claims he's gained a lot money from janitoring, he's probably quite skilled on it if hes able to get a big amount of money from it and he is after all the Ultimate Janitor. His janitoring skills has yet to be shown in the series.
  • Suicide 101: During Chapter 3 he uses his knowledge about suicide to solve the case, this might not be considered an "Talent" but it was an quite important piece of evidence in the third trial

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Sammi Prahse- Enoxe likes Sammi and kissee her in chapter 4. Their relationship is semi-canonical and her feelings for him are unknown. Edit

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